Pan Asian - 3.0

Pan Asian - Another One Bites the Dust

Teppanyaki Counter
 Pan Asian has been around for a few years now. They clearly didn't lose sleep over the name but it does sum up what it is as obviously as possible. Pan Asian has everything from live Teppanyaki and Sushi to tables fitted for your own private Hot Pot (shabu shabu) sessions.
Hot Pot Table
The menu represents food all the way from Thailand to Japan with pitstops in Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea and more. Its simply Pan Asian! Recently they even had the great fortune of acquiring sushi chef from Sakura, which was a BIG pull for me. However, sadly and strangely they do not serve sushi for lunch! "What no sushi for lunch??" Yup, the perfect lunch no where to be seen. Anyway after my initial shock wore off I realized all was not over, for Pan Asian has managed to serve consistently good food (despite such a large and overwhelming menu) through out. I had not been in a few years so wanted to see if it was still all that .. or more? Wishful thinking...

 Our meal for two:

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