Cha Shi - A Fashionable Mess - 3.0

A Fashionable Mess

So I've been curious about Cha Shi for a while. Again located in the atrium of Emporio Mall on the other side of Cafe E. I have given it a 3.0, which means average. I guess its more of a 3.25 but lets not split hairs. Small portions I can deal with, an attempt to serve healthy food I applaud, Asian always works for me, but mediocre is unforgivable. Four dishes and Rs.2000 down and still starving? Unforgivable again! We contemplated ordering more but it was all so blah that it just wasn't worth a couple of Gs more. I appreciate the creative enterprise but that alone just isn't going to cut it. Believe it or not our meal at Cafe E was straight after this one, granted we were disgustingly full after that!

On top of it all the staff is just a bit over eager, in other words IRRITATING! I am so happy to see enthusiastic and informed service. Its great servers finally seem to know their menu but don't assume your customers don't know a thing. I made the mistake of asking what a certain drink was. ONE drink, she then went on to explain to me that white tea, green tea are types of teas (I had not even asked about the teas), oh and that they are very good for you. Thank you but absolutely irrelevant. I asked her which out of two particular noodle dishes she recommends, she picked a third I had not cared for in the first place. I'm clearly a sucker for punishment because after our fourth dish, we still contemplated getting another, and I made the mistake of mentioning this to the server who came by. The next 30 seconds were painful as she stood over my head (I don't know why) and one by one recited EACH dish of the mains section that I was already reading (again I don't know why)! An absolutely pointless exercise. I guess that what happens when they have all the time in the world because there were 5 servers and 4 occupied tables. As usual our restaurants are overstaffed and inefficient. 
Drinks Menu and Food Menu
Guava Berry Cooler and Long Kong 

I don't know if I'd be ordering this dish again because to be quite honest I seriously doubt visiting Cha Shi again. Especially, when I can get much better pan-Asian food at Setz (Zest) upstairs. However, I have been hearing things about their steam-boat, maybe on a cold, lonely, desperate day I may return for it...

Alcohol: No

Budget: Mid Range


 011- 43119909

152 Ground Floor,
DLF Emporio Mall, 
Nelson Mandela Marg, 
Vasant Kunj

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