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Cafe E - You've Made the Tabloids!

 Cafe E should be noted as more than just a cafe for tired shoppers to come rest at. With a great selection of salads, sandwiches, crepes and waffles it definitely fills a much needed void in the market for such a menu. Its so hard to find more than four interesting options for a sandwich on most menus let alone an entire menu dedicated to them. And you know the best part? They actually do it well.
Located conveniently in the foyer of the mall, though I have to say I'm not much of a fan of the ambience or lack of. I had lunch with Armani and dessert with Cartier. I would think it would be a boring people watching spot since the stores all lie empty but I was wrong. The cafe itself is quite a circus of people. Tempted but don't worry I'm not going mock the walking designer clone billboards, that this mall should display in a shop of its own. We all know they're funny but god it's getting unoriginal. My favourite are the husbands, frustrated but clearly have accepted their fate as they sit with mounds of shopping bags, the kids .. oh and the maids of course.

They have a range of soups, smoothies and juices too. I definitely recommend Cafe E for your next lunch. I only visit Emporio to eat (Thai at Setz)!! Well the reason's the same but the outcome will vary. Lets say you won't have to bend my waffle to bring me here again!

Alcohol : No

Budget: Mid Range - Sandwiches ranging form Rs. 350 to Rs. 500

11a.m to 9p.m


011 46767772

151, DLF Emporio Mall, 
Ground Floor, 
Nelson Mandela Marg,
Vasant Kunj

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