Kabul Restaurant - 3.5

Kabul Restaurant & Afghan Bakery


Feast of the Sultans:

From top right clockwise: Kofte Korma, Chicken Tikka, Mutton Karayee, Brinjal, (ignore the green goo which was not from there), Kidney Beans (given free), Afghan Bread, Mutton Biryani

The Good - In order of preference:
The OKAY - I would probably skip next time:
If you are more in to the simple biryani and kababs try Kabul Delhi Restaurant. But if the stew and curry like things are more up your alley then this is the place for you. What Kabul Restaurant failed at they did well and vice versa.

Avoid getting the bread from there and walk ahead of the restaurant. On the same side of the road and just about two shops ahead of it is the "Bread Man"! I dont know what else to call him. No his name wont do so bread man it is! Bless his soul, for he churns out mammoth sized naans that come out piping hot, nice crust on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Try and eat it hot or its pretty pointless!

 The Bread Man -

Budget: Cheap. We ordered all that. Each dish minus the karayee being 2 portions. Bill came to about Rs.1500

Alcohol: None


+91 9873916924, 9654838229

Shop no. 4/8. Opp. Modi Pastry. Jangpura Bhogal.

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