Kevin's Chicken & Korean - 4.0

Kevin's Chicken & Korean

 Thank you Mo for recommending this! This is finger licking good. Who ever thought the day would come when we Delhites could have cheap and super tasty Korean food DELIVERED to us! I thought I should be grateful for having Gung in the first place. They only do delivery and take away as far as I know. They charge Rs. 50 delivery charge and service but all worth it. What I really appreciated was even though its a small, simple delivery place, the quality of the produce was up to par and by no means questionable. 

We ordered all this food plus two pepsis and two more pieces of chicken you cant see for Rs. 1200, tax delivery included. Between four people. To be honest I could have eaten a chicken or two more but the others were full. *Sigh* The perils of my bottomless pit.

 Chicken Balls - Good not amazing but everyone else seemed to really enjoy them. Spiced minced chicken. Tasted more desi than Korean to me, a bit like Venky's chicken nuggets . A worthy snack none the less.


Well, the place is called Kevin's Chicken (I added the Korean to explain better). Our meal would not have been as satisfying without Kevin's delicious fried chicken. 

Kevin's Grilled Chicken

Kevin's Fried Chicken

Let the drum rolls begin straight after I delete KFC's number that is. The fried chicken is really what deserves this score. You can get it in three options. I have mentioned them in order of preference. Ascending order. See below:

  1. Plain Fried Chicken
2. Garlic Fried Chicken
3. Chilly Fried Chicken

I am so happy to have discovered Kevin's. Everything was good some of course more so than others. I am all ready to order some more Bibimbap and fried chilly chicken, curl up on my couch with a movie and hope that time stops still. Comfort food for me, most definitely! Even though I am dying to try the whole smoked duck. If anyone does, do let me know what the verdict is.

Budget : Cheap to medium

Timings: 11 a.m to 11 p.m

Contact Details:  011 65554088, 65575440/1 .
67 Satya Niketan. Opp. Sri Venkateswara College.


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