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Gung The Palace

I was first initiated in to the delicious yet little known world of korean cuisine in my first year of college. I had the privlidge of befriending a Korean girl, who got as elated talking about food as I (always grounds for a beautiful friendship). She has a great blog on food, film/animation and a whole lot of cool stuff -
Anyway imagine her suprise when she found out that I had never properly tried Korean food! Eeeks. So we made a date, we both starved ourselves the whole day so we could cover at least half the menu between us. Piece of cake! Wow I never knew it had so much to offer, from its smokey tender galbi, to its sweet and spicy gochujang, which I could slather on to everything, to its thick rice cakes- dukbokki/deokbokgi, more like fat noodles that look like stubby little fingers. Mmmm. 

Ok before i cover my keyboard in drool fantasizing about these delights let me tell you about Gung The Palace. Its pretty good, you just need to know what to order. Which lucky for you I am here for. When Gung opened I was so excited that I was there all the time.

The place itself is quite archetypal of a lot of small Korean restaurants worldwide. Its plastic plants everywhere, and its Karaoke setup in the middle of the room, but the best part are the private rooms. Some on the first floor and two on the top floor (best ones in my opinion). You might want to call ahead, these do get full. Anyone with knee problems or cant cross your legs and sit? No worries even though it looks like you'd be sitting on the floor there is actually a pit for your delicate legs so its pretty much like sitting on a bench.

Lets start ordering:

Enter Gung = sober
Leave Gung = stumbling  
Well yes obviously because we've been drinking. What? Some soju of course! Korean rice wine can be made from yams or tapioca too. I guess it could be comparable to a sweeter tasting vodka if anything but still not quite. Definitely nothing like sake before you say it and sound like a fool. You can get the regular soju or the plum soju (yes I'm a wimp and I choose this, but its delicious and there's the dangerous part because you never know when you are going to fall face down in your bulgogi!) The owners are pretty hilarious and always make us play some absurd drinking games, one is where losing apparently equates to a lack of sexual stamina. Glad wet tissues thrown on a wall could prove our worth! Soju bombs are always fun too.

They offer about 8/9 complimentary side dishes known as banchan, these are offered in most Korean restaurants. Oh and they are usually unlimited but don't push it. My favourites at Gung are the scallion pancakes (you'll definitely be asking for more of this), the blanched sesame spinach, kimchi (can't not have the kimchi after all), the spicy cucumbers, sweet peppers, the bean curd isn't bad either. Ya ok so I haven't left a lot but thats not really a bad thing.

Ok now the main course. This is by no means all I have tried just the best in my opinion. More or less in order of preference:

Marbled Beef

 Accompanied with:
Lettuce, Peppers, Carrots and cucumbers - put the beef, etc in the middle make a lettuce wrap if you like.
 Gochujang - Korean chilly paste
 Sesame oil w/ salt

Sticky Rice

  • Spicy Squid Stir Fry

It does have lot more vegetables than squid and you end up having to look for it. Tossed in gochujang (Korean, sweetish, thick, bean chilly sauce). Yummy! Definitely worth ordering. 
Now if you are still hungry these are the next best options:

 Budget: Expensive

011 4608 2663 

D-1 B, Near Ashirwad Complex, Green Park


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