Restaurant Week 2014 - September 19th - 28th

So the 9th round of Restaurant Week has certainly evolved in to something even better. Taking place in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai simultaneously from September 19th to the 28th 2014.
This year the menus are a lot fuller and more enticing, the dull, safe menus was my qualm with RWI the first year. Also this time around you can add a signature main for a small increment of Rs. 200-300.
This is a great time to try out some of those pricier places you have had your eyes on. With vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, for Rs. 1,050 (lunch) and Rs. 1,350 (dinner) it is quite a steal. (Not included taxes and services charge)
Slots are filling fast so log in to: to book you favourite tables soon.

My Recommendations for Delhi Restaurants:

Mumbai - Would have liked to add Hakkasan to the list but again a very safe and dull menu - black bean and pepper sauces are not why I would go to eat there. I would save Hakkasan for the Chef's Table instead.

My Recommendations for Mumbai Restaurants:

As for Bangalore, I am not too familiar with but I did notice Caperberry on the list. And that according to me is one of India's best restaurants so do give that a try.

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