Lubhaya Ram - Amritsar's Famous Aam Papad Now in Delhi!

If you are a lover of aam papad, you have most likely heard of Lubhaya Ram of Amritsar.  If you haven't, well then there is no reason for you to miss out on some fantastic aam papad; that kart has made its way from Amritsar to Delhi just for you to get your paws sticky.
On any rare visit to a mall, I go in with blinders and a purpose; and proceed to get the hell out of there as soon as my "mission" is complete. Clearly, mall culture isn't for me, which is why I was lucky to even notice that little red kart parked along the way.

They have all eight varieties I remember from Amritsar. Each one comes in a fixed quantity, buy them individually or if you cant pick one get a mixed box that contains all. Sweet or savoury that is your call but my personal favourite is the regular aam papad with their masala, the chatori for that extra kick, and the anardana churran compels you to eat more than required for digestive purposes. They also have some good imli I forgot I liked the first time around . The chamach seems to be one of those popular novelty items, but didn't quite make it to the top of the list for me. Either way you can try each one before taking your pick.

Each box sells for Rs. 250.

Located in Select City Walk. Ground Floor. In front of Chi Kitchen and Food Bazaar.