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Bid Adieu to Mlle Chou-Fleur

Due to various limitations of this blog format, I will soon be moving everything to a website. I thought this would be a great time to give those of you, that have struggled with the name, a much needed break. The new website will still devote itself to honest and untainted reviews - along with a little more travel and a few extra foodie bits. Hence, the name GOURMAD - which merges my love for food with my nomadic feet. I will still write under the nom de plume of Mademoiselle Chou-Fleur to maintain a certain amount of anonymity. After a certain point this blog will no longer be accessible but will directly divert you to the new website. All facebook and instagram accounts will no longer be under Mademoiselle Chou-Fleur but GOURMAD so please be sure to make a note of it. Twitter Mlle Chou-Fleur will remain as my personal account - which can go beyond the rants of the site, but a new Gourmad twitter account will also be in place.

See you there my crumpets. Xx