Time to get Molecular w/ Chef of the Month Abhijit Saha's New-Age Caprese w/ Liquid Mozzarella!

DECONSTRUCTION OF SALAD CAPRESE: Tomato Basil Sorbet, Balsamic Jelly & Liquid Centered Mozzarella 

Serves 4

A wonderful new spin on an all-time favourite. Bring your A-game and goggles for this one!


Tomato Basil Sorbet
Red tomato, grated 110 gm
Tomato juice 3 tbsn
Salt a pinch
Basil leaves 1 tsn
Glucose 1 tbsn
Xanthan 0.1 gm
Lemon rind a pinch

Balsamic Jelly
Orange juice 50 gm
Balsamic vinegar 4 tsn
Agar- agar 0.75 gm

Sodium Alginate Bath
Water 1 lt 
Sodium alginate 1 tsn

Liquid Mozarella 
Buffalo mozzarella fresh 100 gm
Water 50 ml
Milk 50 ml
Parmesan cheese, grated 1 tsn
Xanthan gum 0.3 gm

Parmesan Tuile
Refined flour 2 tsn
Castor sugar 2 pinch
Salt a pinch
Butter 11/2 tsn
Egg white 1 tsn
Garlic, chopped a pinch
Parmesan, Grated 2 pinch
Mixed herbs 2 pinch
Extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsn

Reduced balsamic vinegar to drizzle 
Assorted lettuce and herb bunch for garnish
Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle 

Method Instructions

Method for tomato basil sorbet:
Boil tomato pulp with juice, salt, liquid glucose and basil leaves. When done add glucose, xanthan and lemon rind.
Pacotize, strain and set in paco jet containers in deep freezer. Churn 1 hour prior to service once again in paco jet and store in freezer.

Method for balsamic jelly:
Cover one end of mould (of size 3.25”*3.25”*1.5”) with cling wrap and place on plate.
In a medium size saucepan boil orange juice, add agar- agar and whisk till dissolves completely. Off the flame add balsamic vinegar, mix well and set in square mould. 
Cut round with the help of mould and scoop out the centre.

For sodium alginate bath:
In a food processor add water and sodium alginate and process at high speed. Keep the mixture in mixing bowl and rest well before using.

For liquid centered mozzarella sphere:
Cut mozzarella into small dices, process in food processor and make smooth paste by slowly adding water and milk. When paste is made add xanthan gum and process again.
Strain and store in refrigerator for minimum of ½ an hour before dropping into alginate water
Take mozzarella mixture into small ladles and drop into alginate bath, to make spheres, cook for about 1 minute in alginate water. Take out wash them in water and put in Chinese spoon and store in refrigerator.

For parmesan tuile:
Pre heat oven at 180 c .Mix all the ingredients together to make dough.
Place round stencil on silpat and put some tuile dough, smear with the help of spatula and bake for 3 to 4 minutes.


In a large rectangular plate, place balsamic jelly in one end, place lettuce and herb bunch inside and put few reduced balsamic dots.
Place mozzarella spheres on the plate and finish with pepper and extra virgin olive oil  
Make a quenelle of tomato sorbet, garnish with parmesan tuile and finish with extra virgin olive oil

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