Chef of the Month Abhijit Saha's Recipe: SALAD OF MARINATED WATERMELON w/ Mahon Jelly, Tapenade and Mixed Greens

Mahon Jelly, Tapenade and Mixed Greens
Serves 4

Ingredients Quantity
Mixed greens                                       few leaves
Watermelon- cut into 4 - 6x 6x1.5cm rectangles        
Mint leaves                                             a few
Caster sugar                                         1tsp
Lemon juice                                         2tbsp
Extra virgin olive oil                            4tbsp
Salt to taste
Crushed black pepper                        to taste

For Mahon Jelly
Mahon cheese          150 gm
Parmesan cheese      75 gm
Milk                          40ml
Fresh cream              40ml
Xanthan gum            1.2 gm
Agar gar                   1.5 gm
Water                       200ml

For tapenade
Black olives             50 gm
Capers                      25 gm
Garlic                       chopped ½ tsp
Extra virgin olive oil 2tbsp
Salt                           to taste
Crushed black pepper  to taste

Dill sprig - 4      
Extra virgin olive oil  for drizzling    
To prepare Mahon jelly 
To prepare tapenade

*Mahon - A Spanish cow's milk cheese. Get harder and more pungent as it ages. With a nutty & buttery taste, with a slight tang. As a substitute use feta or more parmesan - I would recommend the former.* 

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