An Interview with a Chef : Abhijit Saha

Chef of the Month, Abhijit Saha, of the very forward thinking Caperberry (Bangalore); shares a few of his thoughts on food. What he loves to eat and would love to forget.

Mlle Chou-Fleur: Food you love to cook? 
Abhijit Saha: Creative and flavourful 
MCF: Food you rather not cook? 
AS: The usual suspects  MCF: Frequently craving - sweet or savoury ? 
AS: Both 
MCF: What is always in your fridge? 
AS: Let me ask my wife  MCF: What dish transports you back to your childhood? 
AS: Nolan Gurer Sandesh  MCF: Your favourite comfort food? 
AS: Fish curry and rice  MCF: What is your secret guilty pleasure? 
AS: Saffron Jalebi fried in desi ghee with rabri on the side  MCF: A dish you wish you invented? 
AS: Sushi  MCF: A taste you would rather forget?
AS: Dry fish  MCF: Late night snacking or morning brekkie, and what is it ideally? 
AS: Oreo cookies in the morning  MCF: If not a chef, what would you love to do? 
AS: F1 racer  MCF: If you could peak in to anyone’s mind ? 
AS: This is dangerous territory  MCF: Two cuisines you couldn't do without and one you wouldn't miss? 
AS: Regional Indian and modernist cuisine. American fast food  MCF: Favourite escape/holiday destination? 
AS: Barcelona right now but this changes frequently as I love to travel  MCF: Next big thing in food? 
AS: Organic vegetarian and sustainable cuisine