Super Foods - Avocados


Avocadoes are probably one of the very few things we can describe as rich, creamy, delicious, .... and oh so good for you! I mean really, how often do all those words meet at one place??

This super fruit is good for:
I think the biggest problem for us is getting good avocados in the city. And furthermore, picking them just right. To be honest there isn't a sure shot formula - you just have to keep at it till you become the ultimate avocado picker - it really is all about the feel. 

Here are a few tips that might help:
Eating it. 
Run a knife vertically across the fruit - top to bottom - but all the way around till the two cut points meet . Gently separate the two halves. Easiest to take a biggish spoon and scoop out the fruit. 

Avocados are such versatile fruits. Eat them savoury in a salad, sandwich, sushi or on their own - or add them to milkshakes and ice-creams!
I love eating mine (picture above) with just a generous sprinkling of salt and lime (absorbs a lot) - in this case I also had the whites of spring onions and parsley which I chopped and put. Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Oh and a pinch of black pepper!

You can of course make delicious Guacamole - If you have a mortar and pestle - put diced White Onions (red will do), bit of Green Chilli (if you can get your hands on Jalapenos even better), finely chopped cilantro, Salt (important - what will help create abrasion to help you grind those ingredients) - once a course paste is made - leave a few bits and bobs - scoop out the avocado in to the mortar. Grind it up as to your preference - some like it smooth, some like it chunky. Top it with a splash of lime - Mix up and enjoy!! I personally prefer my guac without tomatoes but if you don't - add them finely diced at this point. 

Some more great avocado recipes here: . Don't miss the baked eggs in avocado!

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