Recipes for People who Cook: Gnocchi w/ Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce & Chorizo

A friend of mine and recently returned from Nuremberg. All my loved ones know that the best thing to bring me back from anywhere, I literally mean anywhere, is food. This time I was endowed with a bag full of wonderful German meats! Now that is my kind of sausage party! 

I love pasta, I need it every few days. Most of those times I make it - either from scratch or from a packet. As I was greedily trying, slice after slice, of every type of sausage that sat before me, I thought how wonderful would this spicy sausage be with some tomato sauce and gnocchi!

I did make my own gnocchi but you can buy it. I have seen some at Modern Bazaar . Diva too has a deli - perhaps if you let them know in advance they can sell you some - as they do sell other fresh raw pastas. Either way I will provide a recipe below at the end.

The title of this post says "Recipes for People who Cook" because the recipes I usually share are my creations and I don't measure anything. But I have tried to quantify it as best as I could. It is a simple enough recipe that most home cooks should be able to use their discretion to reduce or increase things. 

I also have a few cans of Italian tomatoes handy. In this recipe I used a can of cherry tomatoes. I you prefer to make your own don't use the regular desi tomatoes. Try and find a redder sweeter variety. Foodhall has some. Take 5-6 Ripe Medium Sized Tomatoes. Preheat oven. Cautiously sprinkle with salt and olive oil. Now this part is important. Do not put in an oversized baking pan. Try and find a cosy fit, because the more gaps the more of your juices will burn and dry up. We want to keep all of it. If you don't have a small enough oven pan - use several layers of foil. Roast in oven till they are completely cooked and ready to burst. Then proceed to burst them - joyful! Use a masher or fork. Do not blend - a few chunks here and there are desirable. 

Gnocchi w/ Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce & Chorizo


Gnocchi Recipe - taken from "The Art of Pasta" by Lucio Galletto & David Dale

Now I end up making my own gnocchi because it is usually too last minute to order and buy some - my cravings kick in without any warning - and they must be appeased then and there. No I am not pregnant. God save me from my cravings when that day arrives.

I have made it a couple of times now that I don't follow a recipe. But I am sharing one from my pasta bible, "The Art of Pasta" by Lucio Galletto & David Dale, to make things easier for you all. It's a great book for any pasta lovers out there to get their hands on.

Method - Giving you my adapted abridged version

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