Krispy Kreme - As good as it should be!

Krispy Kreme

First thing you guys may have noticed is there is no rating. How do you rate fast-food after all?? I would probably give it a solid 4 if I had to. 

So let me give you some background info. First year of college I was in Boston, and a little too close to me was a Krispy Kreme outlet. I still remember my first sugar glazed delight. So light, so delicious, it really took 2 bites to finish. Sure, there is no denying it is unhealthy as hell, but you got to live a little once in a while.  

Now, there was a lot of fanfare when Dunkin Donuts opened. I hated it in the U.S, so I saw no point in getting excited towards its Indian counterpart. Chances were, it would be even worse. So I have stayed away in their and my best interest. However, Krispy Kreme opening here, is a whole other story! I have to say first and foremost, it is probably the only food franchise I have tried here that has been closest to its international original. Though fast food should mean a universally standardised product, it rarely is, and that is a conversation for another day. 

My favourites:
P.s: I did find their berry filled ones and the mango very synthetic in flavour. 

Single Doughnut: Original Glazed: Rs. 60, Assorted Rs. 70


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