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I hope it isn't too late for me to add my two cents on Guppy. I have been so busy stuffing my face, I forgot to glance up and give a mention to one of my favourite Japanese haunts in the city. 

Guppy is A.D Singh's replacement for the late Ai. The kitchen is headed by the talented and meticulous, Chef Vikram Khatri, who also led Ai. Along with Chef Vaibhav, together they have managed to serve consistently good meals, a feat alone to be praised in this city of fluctuating meals.  The menu is almost the same, but with a few sparkly additions. However, in regards to the ambiance and decor, there is nothing Ai about it. Taken a 180, from somber to kitsch, this little place may be a bit much for the eyes but it is cheery nonetheless.

In terms of pricing, I won't say it sits in the middle of say a Sushiya and Wasabi, as it is probably a little closer to Wasabi than Sushiya, but then again so does the quality. The sushi and sashimi are where it gets a tad expensive, but then again I ordered a bunch of food from Soi Thai's new Japanese menu and though the sushi cost me about a Rs.100 less (per roll) - the quality was so appalling, I would have much rather spent the extra money and been happier with my meal. On that note they(Soi Thai) should stick to Thai that they manage to do mostly decently. Now back to Guppy - In terms of the mains - apart from 1 or 2 imported cuts of meat - they are fairly reasonably priced. And if it's still not cutting it for you, go for lunch, as their set meals are a better bang for your buck.

So here is what I love and love to hate.

Since I like to end on a good note, let me tell you where I have been that I don't wish to go again:

Now for all those things that make Guppy a favourite:

California Maki
Salmon Expression
Spicy Tuna

Budget: Starters - Rs.250-500 Sushi Rs. 600-750 Mains Rs.800-1800

Alcohol: Yes full bar

Outdoor Seating: No - only for smoking

Delivery: No

Timings: Lunch - 12pm-3:30pm Dinner 7pm - 11:30pm

011 24690005, 011 24690006

28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

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