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Japanese - Fine Dining

I have an annoying habit of summing up a place much before I have dined there. The reason I continue to do it is because, well most of the time I am right. But, once in a while, a place I prematurely dismissed, makes me bow my head in shame - En was one such place . En meaning 'synchronicity', opened rather quietly without the celebrity fuss, (perhaps, I should have put more faith in it, for that alone), by Raji SJB Singh Sandhar. Sandhar has been living Japan for the last 30 years and has a few fine-dining restaurants there. He brought 6 chefs from Japan, including executive chef Katsuya Honda, to set up and run En. 

En has made its home in an old haveli that has newly opened as Ambawatta One. The setting is regal without losing elegance, along with a nice alfresco terrace. The only fusion you are to find at En is in its decor - harmoniously merging Indian and Japanese aesthetics. There are a few nooks and crannies for private dining experiences too.

As for the food? En is for purists. If you're looking for modern twists or gimmicky Japanese cuisine this place is certainly not for you. Not that I don't love my share of fusion rolls and sashimi pizzas! But if you want to come close to an authentic Japanese experience, kept intact to its truest form, do visit En.


  • Fish Carpaccio w/ Salad - Salmon and Yellow tail (normally comes with salmon and tuna but we asked for the change, we had a non tuna supporter) - Dressing of Olive Oil, Vinegar & Lime Juice A simple yet divine dish. I could taste black olive in the dressing almost like a runny olive tapenade. I just loved the combination of fresh fish with the salty olive vinaigrette - could have easily eaten this plate by myself. 

  • Resting on Average

    Good Lord What Was That?

    Over all, a great meal, in a lovely setting - I do recommend En. I hope more people visit because the food deserves a chance. Plus your visits, will ensure me fresh produce and them staying in business (which I would love because they're also right next door!) 

    Budget: Expensive - Avg. Meal for 2 - Rs. 4500 (excluding alcohol & taxes)

    Alcohol: Yes

    Outdoor: Yes

    Delivery: No


    Ambawatta One
    5/1 Kalkadas marg,
    (Near Olive Qutub)

    Phone: 011-26646471,
    26646472, 8826297103

    Hours: Lunch (1200 – 1500) hrs. Dinner
    (1830- 2330) hrs.

    Open all 7 days

    Credit cards accepted. Valet parking

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