Shreyaa's Kitchen/Catering - 4.0

Shreyaa's Kitchen 

I'm going to keep this short. Shreyaa is yet another home based caterer to have sprouted in the city, but her food certainly distinguishes her from all the other "yet anothers".  You get my drift - her food is great. I usually stick to a couple of the same dishes but she has an assorted menu that includes your Mediterranean sort of fare, a Thai menu and a Dessert menu. You place your order a couple of days in advance and have it picked up. The food comes in ready to serve glass dishes with heating instructions. Dishes need to be returned later (preferably as soon as possible of course).

I also tried a few of her dips - and remember her hummus being fabulous. 

So there you have it, one more way, to change up your monthly dinner parties. And please feel free to add anything else any of you may have tried by Shreya's that you loved.. 

On a side note Shreyaa also does cooking classes for your domestic help. Will post more info on that soon. 



Phone: +91 9810013190

Facebook: Shreyaa's Kitchen 

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