How Olive Qutub Got Its Groove Back - 3.75

Chef Sujan Sarkar brings new life to Olive 

Anyone who has lived in Delhi long enough has some sort of attachment to Olive Qutub/Mehrauli. All white walls and pebbles create a reminiscence of the Mediterranean, entwined with sprawling banyans and foliage makes it almost ethereal - no wonder it is often voted as the most romantic restaurant in Delhi. But lets face it it has been a while since the food beckoned your presence. Ambience could no longer compensate for the lacklustre food. Even their once famed pizzas, the safe zone, had been breached. Just when I had given up all hope, in walked Chef Sujan Sarkar. Bubbling, stirring, toiling like that kitchen hasn't seen in a long time. And that, my crumpets is how Olive got its groove back. 

Our Meal - Start to Finish 

Alcohol/Bar - Yes

Outdoors - Yes

Delivery - No

Budget - The entire meal above (minus taxes and alcohol) costs Rs.4950


12:30pm – 12:30 a.m

Haveli no. 6-8. One style mile. Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli

Phone:+91 11 2957 4444

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