Wingreens - A review long overdue - 4.0


I feel rather selfish, having hoarded on Wingreeen's delicious spreads, all by myself for so long. Lucky, for them they didn't have to count on my review to get the word out, now you can get their dips at just about every decent grocery store. 
I'll be honest here they are friends, and that is how I have had a steady flow of hummus in my fridge at all times. But friendship with me doesn't land anyone a good review - only the food does. 

Wingreen's is a small family run enterprise started by Anju Srivastava, and nurtured by her daughter Zoha Chaudhri. What makes Wingreens extra special is that it isn't merely a profit making company, but a social initiative to empower female employment. Their farm not only employs rural women and provides them with a stable income but is also environmentally sustainable.

All products are a 100% Organic. They sell herbs in every form:

I am a sucker for their dips. 

  • Tzatziki - Loaded w/ dill but in a good way. I have used this to make smoked salmon canapes. Served it with grilled fish and chicken, and even tried marinating fish with it. All turned out great. Of course it works just fine as a dip too, but I get bored easily and that is when my weird and wonderful experiments start. !
  • Salsa - I have only tried this twice. Once when it was sent over and the other when I was making tacos. Its good regular salsa, to be frank I am not a big salsa person so to me it is what it is.

So get your hands on some Wingreens - do it as a favour to yourself, and as your social deed for the day. Eating dipping never felt so good..


Plants not available in stores so you can call them for that. For dips, lavash, oils check Nature's Basket, Modern Bazaar and their FB page for other locations.

Call us at 9871672038

Email us at

Send us a request on our Facebook page -

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