Diva Kitsch - 3.0

Diva Kitsch 

The queen of Italian khanna, Ritu Dalmia, strikes again, except this time with flavours closer to home.  The menu is Pan Asian with that fresh Diva spin.
The decors has a kitschy art deco sort of vibe. I quite liked the space, minus the lighting which at night I found way too dark. There is a fine line between mood lighting and gloom.

My verdict on the food was a hard one to draw because of the disparate 50:50 split between our meal. We had dishes that were undeniably tasty and worth coming back for, and then ones' that made you question if you had walked in to the right restaurant.

Yet, the good dishes were the kind of good that you craved later. That's the hook. The difference between average and good. Will I go back or will I run? The answer is, I certainly will go back, not just for the ones I loved but for the many other dishes I still have my eyes on, one being the much talked about - Tuna Burger.!

The menu is eclectic and inspiring enough to keep you coming back.

Here's a list of the good and the bad.

What to Come Back For: 

On the Fence:

By on the fence I mean I didn't want to fling the dish out of the hemisphere, and consumed it with just a mere grumble or two, but I wouldn't order it again. 

Best Avoided:

Alcohol - Coming soon. Along with which the terrace will be opening!

Outdoors: Terrace opening soon!

Delivery: No

011 40648861
D-17 Defence Colony. Next to Petrol Pump and Nature's Basket. (NOT in Defcol Market)

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