Uzuri - Modern European meets African - It really is a jungle out there - 2.25

Uzuri - Deck &Dining

Honestly, folks I'm beginning to think there's something in the water here that just isn't conducive to good food. After hearing about the young chef duo - Indian Chef Rishim & Chef Guy from South Africa, who opened a modern European restaurant (laced with African influences) - I was quite excited. Chef driven restaurants are a little more reassuring for some reason. Plus they had the double M stamp - Michelin training (Chef rashim has supposedly trained under Chef Blumenthal) and Masterchef experience (Chef Guy was a masterchef finalist in South Africa), I assumed the food would be great! Well, ever heard the expressing “When you assumeyou make an ass out of u and me” ?

The decor - felt like Payless's African themed home collection - a tacky mess of sorts. Though the outdoor deck area on top is lovely and would be great for small private gatherings. That's with the hope that their drinks will at least be better than their food.

So I painted grand illusions in my mind. Convinced the troops that this was well worth a Sunday lunch, even without the alcohol ( liquor license should be in this week apparently) . What a grave mistake to attempt that food without advantage of altered judgement. 


Uzuri opened with rave reviews - This is why I wait a month or two to review a restaurant from its opening, I believe either it'll get a lot better or a lot worse - but either way it will be a truer picture. I don't  know if the chefs have decided to lay low till their liquor license comes in, but my advise would be to just shut shop till then because impressions like this aren't easy to forgive or forget. 

Alcohol - Coming soon

Outdoor/Alfresco - Yes


011 41623623, 011 41623625

M 40, Greater Kailash (GK) 2 Market

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