Smitten by Mandakini Gupta - 4.5

Truly Scrumptious 

Photo courtesy: Mandakini Gupta
Once in a blue moon you discover something fabulous and you best hold on. That has been my sentiment towards the amazing dessert maker Mandakini, who bakes out of her home under the name of Smitten. Dessert, after dessert she hasn't failed to deliver a high standard of confectionary. She uses top quality ingredients that allow for a top notch dessert. She needs at least 24 hours notice on all orders.

I have also upgraded her score from 4.25 to 4.5. Simply because of the relentless excellence - dish after dish has shown. Such dedication to the art of pastry making and fine attention to detail that she comes close to perfection every time. And for every carnival my mouth has been to with every bite, the score is but only well deserved.

I love her packaging, it's simple and tasteful . While on the subject of facades, the presentation of each dessert is good enough to serve at any dinner party. They look clean and well finished, unlike a lot of desserts that may taste good, but lack the finesse to make it presentable enough.

Photo Credit: Mandakini Gupta - We ate my lot so fast the camera didn't stand a chance.!

Photo courtesy: Mandakini Gupta

Photo courtesy: Mandakini Gupta

Now I know its rare to hear me gushing like this, but don't start pointing fingers. Her desserts really are just that good.!
Next on my wish list - Chocolate Beetroot Cake w/ cream cheese icing, Brioche and Spiced Apple Cake w/ caramel sauce...


Best to reach her over the phone: +91 9810010735 

Email not as prompt but here goes:

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