Cooking Classes by Chef Manish Mehrotra

Cook like a Masterchef 

The king of fusion cooking himself - Chef Manish Mehrotra is opening his doors and his recipe books to the rest of us novices. Starting this Saturday the 12th of October, at Indian Accent. 

It will be a fairly intimate demo - so plenty of interaction between you and the the chef. 

The best part is the recipes are from the Indian Accent menu!

You can sign up for classes just for a day, or two, or three. Every class starts with learning 3 of his recipes followed by a 3 course meal. 

One day culinary experience
Two day culinary experience*
Three day culinary experience*
A demonstration of 3 dishes
A 3 course lunch
A recipe booklet
Day 1
Remains the same
Day 2
A demonstration of 3 more dishes
A 3 course lunch
A recipe booklet
Day 1 & 2
Shall remain the same
Day 3
Shopping for ingredients of your choice with the chef
A 3 course dinner with paired wines
A recipe booklet
Rs. 2700 + taxes
Rs. 5000 + taxes
Rs. 8000 + taxes
* Optional residential programme
Cooking classes will continue beyond this weekend too - as long as they have a minimum booking of 8 people. So either call ahead and see if the class is likely to happen or gather some friends and make it happen!
Chef: Manish Mehrotra
Restaurant: Indian Accent
Cuisine: Innovative Indian
Address: Indian Accent at The Manor, 77 Friends Colony (West), New Delhi
Telephone: 91–11–43235151