Le Cirque - 4.0

Le Cirque

My first visit to Le Cirque was long overdue. And to be quite frank, it was only after I bit in to one delicious morsel after another, did I realize just how long overdue that meal really was!

Now there seems to be a lot of debate over Le Cirque's worth. The two main ones being - "Its not as good as New York" - well honestly I don't give two hoots because that meal tasted pretty damn good to me right here in Delhi. 

"It's too expensive" - well yes its unarguably expensive. Is it worth it? Well thats inextricably linked to how much you hold in that wallet, how much of a priority food is to you, and what are the bloody alternatives anyway?? Now I don't hold too much in my wallet most of the time. I have always been terrible at saving - it comes, it goes. And 95% goes on food and travel and then food during the travels, or things related to food. Which should explain how much of a priority food is to me. There is nothing that can give me as much pleasure as a fabulous meal - and I am willing to travel to the ends of the earth and spend every dime I own on it. But thats my prerogative and it need not be yours, before you start muttering unsavoury rants! 
Which brings me to my last point - alternatives. I wish I could hold every meal to a global standard but I can't. Why? Because despite being a thoroughly unsatisfied human-being most of the time with my meals here, I do believe comparing would only make it worse. So I keep it relative to what we have. And in comparison to what we have - Le Cirque made me very happy. 

Surprisingly large, as one section opens out in to another, endlessly expanding before my eyes, with several closed doors for the possibility of private gatherings too. The space is old fashioned in its formalness, yet contemporary in its own right. Floor to ceiling windows wrap all around one end, overlooking a wonderful terrace for pre drinks and snacks, that further overlooks the capital in all its glory. A sprawling, open-kitchen done to perfection. I personally love the little nook on the right side of the open kitchen to dine at. Lavish, elegant, perfect for that special occasion or just a good meal out. 

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So if you are willing to splurge I certainly recommend Le Cirque, for the best fine-dining, contemporary Italian food the city has to offer. Chef Mickey Bhoite and his team are doing something wonderful and you really shouldn't deny yourself of it. 

Alcohol - Yes

Outdoors - Only for drinks not meals (Though double check)

Budget - Very Expensive - Rs.12,000 (avg. 2 ppl dinner no alcohol)

Contact -
T. +91 (11) 3933 1234
The Leela Palace 
Chanakyapuri, Diplomatic Enclave 
New Delhi 110023

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