Le Bistro Du Parc - 3.25

Bistro Du Parc

Sometimes, I'm a bit partial, which really isn't acceptable as a reviewer of any kind. I am not partial because of the "right" owner - sycophants are up there with murderers. I have burnt many bridges with the fire still hot on my buttocks because my over-the-top responsibility towards being honest! But every now and then there will be a restaurant I just want to like - I haven't quite cracked why but it has something to do with a combination of:  passionate owners/chefs - but an informed passion. Not those nerve pinching, deluded fools, running around opening restaurants like its going to be a holiday in Vegas. Of course the food has to show some promise, some direction, that demonstrates the attention and thought put in to it - even if it isn't all quite there just yet. The ambience - which isn't always about the interiors and decor - a very plain looking place can ooze the right ambience just with the mood the owners create. 

Which brings me to Bistro Du Parc, one of those places, I seem to have set my heart on, despite its evident flaws. Opened by Naina de Bois-Juzan in collaboration with Olive. 

Here's the low down. The place - charming, bistro style dining. The terrace on top has seating too - however I would urge you to consider the heat and humidity when reserving. 


Minus our server Steven who is probably one of the best servers in town, the service was a bit of a sham. The other servers we interacted with weren't very informed about the menu at all. On one occasion I asked a server the particulars of a certain dish, his reply was a blank stare, followed by him trotting off. I suppose he didn't deem us fit for a reply. But the real icing on the cake was our wait between our starters and mains - a whopping 50 minutes! The second time the delivery was fairly prompt, but it may have something to do with the fact that we were the only two people, there at the time. For friends of mine had an equally tiresome wait as well, between starters and mains on another occasion. 


Before I go in to the details, here's the summation. The starters and salads were all quite lovely, as was our dessert, but I am still trying to figure out if that makes up for the bleak mains. I wonder why such a disparity exists in restaurants between courses. I have had a similar experience with Rara Avis each time, where I have thoroughly enjoyed my starters and salads and had been rather bummed out with my mains. 

The Good :



I do plan on returning in a while. Hopefully by then they would have tightened the reins in that kitchen ... because I really do want to love them.. from starter to finish, but there is that "main" issue. 

Budget - Moderate

Outdoors - Yes 

Alcohol - Beer & Wine

Contact -

011 46780080

57, 58, 59, Moolchand Market, Across the park from Flavours

Defence Colony