Home-Made Sunday Brunches

Home-Made Sunday Brunches

I'm not much of a breakfast person. Not that I don't like the meal of the kings but to be quite honest, by the time I convince my nocturnal body to start eating, it's already time for lunch. For me breakfast does tend to revolve around some form of eggs and a few options of something porcine. Do not get me started on eating idlis and vadas for breakfast - because nothing will throw my already disgruntled, morning self, off more than that! 

I like my eggs fried, sunny side up with a generous side of bacon - I then like to break that oozing egg and smear it all over my toast like butter! Most people who havent got the art of eating a fried egg down seem absolutely livid at the sight of this but they just don't know what they are missing! Of course I am not entirely a one egg woman - omelettes, poached and scrambled do just fine too.
My parsi father makes his scrambled eggs "Parsi style" no not eggs akuri but what involves 5 simple ingredients - lots of butter (there is always lots of butter with my father), a fair amount of chopped garlic (ah ha), green chillies, eggs and of course salt to season. I honestly, don't know if this is very Parsi at all but its his and its delicious.

Next comes my very adulterated version of this - to be honest I don't even know if its fair to put it in the same family but here goes..

Spinach, Comte & Truffle Scrambled Eggs (recipe albeit quantities - so I guess its really just a bunch of ingredients!)

I like to use a mix of butter and olive oil. Add the garlic. Now be careful not to let the garlic brown or get any colour - just soften. Reduce heat to a minimum. Add beaten eggs. From this point on stir continuously. Add a splash of milk. Add Spinach and Cheese. Now I was fortunate enough to be gifted some delicious Comte Cheese - of course this city does hold its limitations - so feel free to experiment with Swiss, Brie, Camembert - Blue Cheese and Feta go splendidly with spinach too but then skip the truffle oil - at least I would. Season with Salt & Pepper. Take off heat at desired consistency - try not to let it completely dry out or it's not going to be a whole lot of fun to eat! Sprinkle with truffle oil or shavings. Stir once more and serve. 
My sides include multi-grain toast, German Nuremberg sausages, and a smoothie.

Orange, Fig Banana Smoothie
I like to first blend the figs with a bit of the O.J (if I have blueberries I toss those in too at this point) - Once pureed - add remaining ingredients and blend till smooth. I skip the sugar - but if the oranges are not sweet enough add a spoon or two of honey. 

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