Dolce by the Leela Hotels - Mumbai - 4.5

Dolce by The Leela Hotels

Photo Credit: Prarthna Singh
Life can be so very sweet indeed. And when it isn't make it. Here is one more for the never-ending Mumbai-Delhi contest - They get Dolce and we do not. Trust me its a great loss for us. 

I was in Bombay over the weekend for a friend's birthday and my need to be, forever the cake lady, struck again. However, Toto I wasn't in Delhi anymore, but my reputation was still at stake. When my dwindling memory impressed me with a flash - one year ago - pop up Dolce stand at the Leela Delhi! That was it. 

Dolce is Leela heiress Aishwarya Nair's initiative, for an French style patisserie. Pastries that make no compromise on ingredients, are classic in design and flavour. Nair doesn't believe in fads and crazes and likes to stay true to the French style of pastry making - indulgent and pure. Their custom cake designs too are indicative of this - which are understated but chic. 

Apart from the slightly tacky cake box the rest of the packaging was quite nice. 
                 Photo Credit: Prarthna Singh
           Photo Credit: Prarthna Singh
           Photo Credit: Prarthna Singh

                                                                 Photo Credit: Prarthna Singh

                                                      Photo Credit: Prarthna Singh

Overall I think Dolce is one of the best patisseries in the country and I highly recommend everyone to get their hands on some of their goodies. On that note I hope this has been enough flattery for them to take notice and open in Delhi soon!

Budget: Not cheap but the quality of the ingredients and finished product justify it all. 
Cakes Rs.1600 per kg. Cookies Rs. 100 each. Lemon Tarts about Rs.60 each .

Here is a link to their menu - but they are open to other requests (I had initially asked for a nougat  chocolate cake which they were more than happy to make).

Delivery - Yes. But they do require you to give an advance which can be a bit of a complicated procedure. 

Contact  - Leela Hotel Mumbai, Sahar

T. +91 (22) 6691 1234 

* All photo credit goes to the talented photographer Prarthna Singh - who did wonders with just my iphone (minus the only blurred picture of the J.D cake which I took) . A link to her blog for more work - The Picture Book *

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