Mistral - 3.5


The people who brought you Setz and On the Waterfront have a new mall rat flouncing about. One entrance is as a stand alone, and the other leads you directly in to Director's Cut, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. The regular seat holders get the food court, and the ones that dish the cash get Mistral. A decently sized, modern space, good for lunch or a casual dinner. We chose to sit on the side closer to the cinema entrance, because all the open kitchen space looks all well and good, but without adequate exhaust capabilities it means leaving smelling like a french fry.

The menu almost makes sense till it doesn't. Starts out with a nice mixed bag of appetisers and and salads. Which is then followed by the following sections: Pasta, Pizza (did not get to try any but they looked decent), Grills, and then.. Persian. Hello! where did you come from? - that to the entire "Persian" section consists of 3 types of kebabs - Chicken, Lamb and Vegetarian. Followed by the ubiquitous Indian section. So its multi-cuisine trying to be different - with European, Middle-Eastern and Indian. I guess Asian isn't in anymore?

The service when I went was quite appalling, no one seemed to know anything. Literally! But to be fair it was still very much in its infancy so Im going to give them the benefit of doubt, till my next return. 


Pasta - fairly safe choice , thankfully a fairly safe result. It all tasted about right so not much more to explain here.

And then to the Grills... You chose your protein and pair it with a sauce: Hollandaise, Horseradish, Meat Jus, Chefs BBQ, Garlic Cream . Honestly, I would like to see a couple more options here.

Verdict - Definitely worth a try if you are in the area - especially for a pre or post movie bite. And its rare to have a meal here where nothing was entirely bad! (well minus the dessert I suppose)

Budget -  Rs. 3500 for two (no drinks)

Alcohol - Yes

Outdoors - No

Contact -