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Sugar Blossom Cake Studio 

The bustling Meherchand Market just got sweeter, with a brand new cake studio known as Sugar Blossom, opened by baker and entrepreneur Kajal Bajaj. White interiors with splashes of pink seem to be a winning formula for any cupcakery, though the dying flowers did kill it for about 5 seconds. The 5 seconds in between me noticing and biting in to a cupcake. Besides no one is really here to read about the flowers, I assume, but honestly its so easy to get fresh flowers in this city! Yes I clearly have a thing for flowers. Moving on.

So Kajal does a bunch of basic cakes on order, but the store itself sells cupcakes, cake pops, petite cupcakes, chocolate cakes (I think thats what they were called?). Basically all sorts of teeny tiny cakes. She also does novelty cakes on order. This one was whizzing past me as I stood there munching.

Now honestly, Im really quite over cupcakes. Who's to decide how big a piece of cake I would want in the first place? And whoever said its just a mini cake is wrong - firstly you don't get all the layers, the ratio of cake to icing is not in precision with an actual slice of cake. And most of the time I can almost finish one, but then I'm left with this annoying bite, I don't want to take down, nor do I want to waste. In my opinion tea cakes are the way to go, much closer to the real thing but in a more manageable size. But I am rambling again aren't I. Forgive me I have been under house-arrest, with a box of tissues burying any traces of a social life and its starting to get to me.

The flavours on sale - I may be missing one or two:

I kind of wondered the point of the petite cupcakes - thought the point of cupcakes was well the same. But this size to me now makes a lot more sense. In fact it turns out cupcakes are really the superfluous size, neither here nor there. It should simply be cakes, tea-cakes and mini-cupcakes! Sorry its the medication. 

I decided to sample a few and perhaps if all turned out well I would order a full sized cake! So I got the Belgian Chocolate and Banana w/ Dulce De Leche Petite Cupcakes and a Strawberry Cupcake

Strawberry Cupcake - This one I just did not like. At all. The strawberry was so inconspicuous, I had to do a double take to make sure I didn't get something else by mistake. The butter-cream over powered everything. What should have been a blast of berry, perfect for the summer, was an overdose of butter in my mouth - not fun. Some how combined to taste like something a little gone-off. Shame - I love all things berry! 

Banana Cupcake - I love a good banana cake. Not bread but a cake. And this cupcake was pretty darned good, though not entirely perfect its worth ordering. I do like my banana cakes almost gooey, but thats just me. The cake was fluffy, moist, could have had slightly more banana but still not lacking. Where it lost points for me was the promise of dulce de leche that was never met. In fact I was told the the banana cake costs more because of the dulce de leche. Now honestly the few squiggles of it I found on top of all that butter cream, could not be busting their piggy banks - then why should it break mine? Nor do bananas cost all that much - so somethings got to give! Regardless, I ordered a full-sized cake for Rs. 2000, but I wasn't about to willingly get ripped off either. Nor do I think Kajal is out to rip anyone off, because when I expressed my concern of the dulce de leche not coming through in the cupcakes, she immediately suggested she mixes the dulce de leche into the butter-cream icing as well. She was in fact very sweet about it all and took my feedback most graciously. 
It arrived the next day - a cute two-tiered cake, with significantly looking darker icing because of the dulce de leche. Now that was almost worth paying Rs. 2000 for, but the same childlike squiggles as on the cupcake made its way on top of an expensive cake. I would have honestly preferred a slick, smooth layer of dulce de leche. Anyway whats important here is everyone absolutely loved the cake and demolished it, faster than I could say more dulce de leche! And I really hope Kajal makes that addition a permanent change, to justify that price.
Belgian Chocolate Cupcake - Ok this is officially the best chocolate cupcake I have tried around here. And with everyone having gone through a cupcake craze at some point, rest assured I have tried too many. The cake was fluffy, moist, chocolatey - I'm not a fan of dense cupcakes! The icing was richly chocolatey rather than buttery or sugary - smooth and velvety not grainy or crumbly. If its going to be chocolate it best be super chocolatey or don't bother - which it was. What I also liked is though rich it didn't weigh you down and had this comforting mamma-made-it taste.

Budget: Cupcakes Rs. 95 each. Petite Cupcakes Rs. 65 each. Banana Cake Rs. 2000


Kajal - 9873379974

132 Meherchand Market, Basement.

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