Pizza Metro Pizza - 4.5

Contestant for the Best Pizza in the Country!

So after setting up Edward's and leaving it in the competent hands of its owners, I needed a little break before my next stint. So I headed off to Goa for a much needed 2 week sabbatical and on my way back I stopped by Bombay - for it really had been a little long since I filled my nostrils with the smell of rotting fish. On my first night my friends and I chose to stay in and catch up. Ordering in seemed like a great idea at the time and it probably would have been if it wasn't from a god-awful place known as 'I Feel Healthy Today' - no that wasn't the theme of the night but the name of the restaurant.. really. Firstly the food took not a minute less than 2 hours to arrive. On top of all that the food was so disappointing - we had a wrong salad order - raw chewy lamb - and the crowning glory was their "famous" now infamous BBQ Chicken that came to us a little more than charred.
And no there was no refund and certainly no make-up dishes at 12am either! Stay away.

However, the gods are kind, and the following day I was taken to a new pizza spot in town, known as Pizza Metro Pizza - I have no idea why they named it to sound as uninspiring as this, but thankfully, the food itself allows you to move on. Run by two young Italian guys, who seem to be having a lot of fun behind that open kitchen. The menu is actually a fledged Italian menu of starters, pasta, and seconds of meat and fish - but I heard the pizza was where the magic happened. Though  one pasta in particular served to the table next to me was exceptionally intriguing - known as the 'Taglioni Bombay for Two'. This dish comes to your table in a pan with a Trolley and a giant wheel of parmesan. The hot, already creamy looking pasta, is then poured in to the center of this wheel, where it is then made even more indulgent, as its flambeed and tossed with cognac and parmesan! I'm assuming you can forget about eating anything before or after that!

But I forget, I lured you here with the promise of fabulous pizza. So the pizzas come in a standard half meter or 1 full meter. If you order two, chances are it will come as a full meter with half an half toppings, unless you specify and want the siamese to be severed and separated. Allergies, what not, that's your call.

We settled for the Diego and the Pizza Metro Pizza. There were four of us out which 3 of us were eating. After placing our order with the hostess/waitress/manager (?) I got a look of disapproval - worry flashed through me -  had I ordered the wrong thing, that too after so much contemplation? But later as she probed us for mains or starters, I realized she wasn't the least bit concerned about me ordering the perfect pizza but not ordering enough! Our theory was annoyingly proven with every approach to our table to order more, with that same look of disapproval every time we said we really were quite content with our two pizzas!

Oh well, its still really all so worth it when the pizzas are that good.

The Diego - Buffalo Ricotta, Salami, Rocket, Basil. A real winner. Apart from the obvious points that make this pizza a smashing success - the perfect light fluffy crust - not doughy - and far from a cardboard cracker. The sauce was wonderful, bursting with ripe tomato goodness, as was the mozzarella used. But combined with the combination of ricotta, salami, and rocket - for me it was the perfect pizza. And most of all, every ingredient used, was of a very high quality which really makes all the difference between good and great.

The Pizza Metro Pizza - A long long time ago, I ate my first perfect pizza in a small medieval village in Tuscany named Volterra. It was also the first time I ate a combination of eggplant and sausage on a pizza - which till today is one of my favourite combinations, when done right. So when I saw their namesake pizza I knew I had to try it, especially after I found out it was bits of Eggplant Parmesan and Meatballs! Now the eggplant-parm was delicious and I can see why the dish is one of their specials, but the meatballs were a bit of a let down. Though still very tasty as a whole, I don't think I'd order it again. I may just try and convince them to do a simpler eggplant and sausage pizza for me, next time. Yum!

Bottom line its one point for Bombay and one less for us, as I wait with baited breath for pizza like this to bless our capital. And if you are in Bollywood city lucky you to get to try it and silly you if you don't!

Budget - Expensive but worth it. Pizzas we ate were about Rs.800-900

Alcohol - Yes

 Timings: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 6 PM to 11:30 PM, (Monday Closed)

Contact : 

022 65993334  

Jharna Apartments, Ambedkar Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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