Chicken Pickle!

Chicken Ka Achaar

I love pickles. All sorts of pickles. Sweet, sour, vegetables, fruit, you name it. But my favourite of all, is one that bled before it got pickled! One of my fondest pickle memories is a rabbit pickle my grandfather made when I was quite little. That was my first time eating rabbit, let alone rabbit pickle and I can still almost taste it. Sadly, it seems meat pickles are best out of someones' home - than an easily accessible store. 

Anyway so getting to the point I discovered some pretty yummy chicken pickle from the most unlikely source - Green Chick Chop! I have never been a fan of their stuff but how often do you see meat pickles in stores? So of course I bought it. 

And its definitely worth trying. I gobbled it up with some methi parathas. The masala is a lot like a few prawn pickles I have had with that sweet and vinegary masala. May not be up to par with my nanas rabbit pickle but I know I'm going back for more. 

Rs. 100. 
I got mine from Saket J Block Market but I'm sure its available in most stores that stock Green Chick Chop stuff. Enjoy.