My Favourite New Home Baker - Love Ria

Love Ria

I am one of those people that finds a good thing and sticks to it. Partly because it so rare for me to find that "good thing" in the first place. But once in a while, something delicious does come along and steal my heart. A few weeks ago 'Love Ria' did just that...
'Love Ria' is a home catering initiative started by Ria Pawar, who recently returned from London after completing a Cordon Bleu course. She wasted absolutely no time opening her kitchen doors for all.. and thank god for us!  
For now it is "Pick-Up" only. Her menu is perfect for small gatherings (maximum 20-25 people), picnics, tea parties, bbqs and personal indulgences! 
Her products taste fantastic due to her master chefery and because she uses only high grade ingredients. Organic where ever they can be, imported where ever a compromise cannot be met, and local artisanal products when they meet the bar. 

I am yet to try her savoury goodies - in fact I am planning the perfect bbq to do just that! The very extensive menu starts with a healthy dose of Nutri-Smoothies, Salads, Soups and then moves on to something more substantial - Roasts, Bakes and Pot Pies, with Mashes and Sauces to go along. Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian and BBQ are few more themes that follow. You can even fib your own dinner party by buying bottled "Sandwich Fillers" & Dips and put your own twists out there. 

But till I do try her Cola Marinated Chops and Cheddar JalapeƱo Muffins I can only comment on her Desserts - which are pure home-made goodness. I believe most/all of them come in different sizes - cake pops, cupcakes, tea cakes and regular 1 kg cakes.
Torta de Dulce de Leche con Coco - 1 Kg

What I instantly loved about Ria's cakes, is the rustic, very home-made feel to them - no scary colouring, glitter or twigs jutting out - just simple edible goodness! I absolutely love a good strawberry cake - especially one without Barbie pink colouring - and this was all that and more. The vanilla sponge is loaded with strawberries - sadly frozen at this time of the year so they aren't as flavourful but I can't wait to see how good it'll be with fresh ones! And where would a strawberry cake be without a generous filling and topping of mascarpone cheese. Heaven.
I got the tea-cake size because there were just two of us and I do love the whimsy of tea-cakes! This size could easily feed 4-6 people. 

She also does picnic baskets, gift baskets and hampers. Along with cooking lessons for adults and children at their premises. 

All orders must be made 48 hours in advance. And she would be happy to customize dishes or design menus according to your needs. To see her full menu, prices and all other details you can visit her website:

Phone: +91 9871521258