Recipe:Thai Mango Salad

Monsoon Thai Mango Salad

Thought I would share this delicious salad before mango season was well and gone! I fail in giving you exact measurements because.. well I just don't function like that, besides it's really simple and I'm sure you big boys and girls can figure it out. Plus that is the nice thing about salads isn't it? Add, remove, taste, add some more, taste some more, and you are good to go.

What I love about this salad is its vibrancy and its certainly not shy of flavours. So many contrasting textures and colours - its a party in your mouth!

For this salad I am a bit averse to uniformity and like to give each ingredient a different cut.

What goes in the bowl:

Remember to mix and taste your dressing - this is a thai dressing so the more robust the flavour the better. If you feel its a little too pungent you are probably on the right track because it all evens out once combined with the fruits and veggies. 

Always pour your dressing over the salad only when ready to serve and eat (or you're veggies will be wilted and sitting in a watery pool of their own juices!)

Of course the carnivore in me couldn't settle at just this so I had Crispy Sesame Chicken on top (slivers of chicken, corn starch, garlic paste, white sesame, any bottled red chilly paste, salt, tiny bit of honey or sugar - and fry). I quite often make this with some lightly Grilled Prawns (marinate with anything - oil, garlic, some fresh chili, lemongrass works well).

I promise you will be hooked at the first bite!
Bon App├ętit

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