The Table - 4.5

Finally Satisfied at The Table
I did not want to get melodramatic, but how could I not when I felt like I was losing my will to eat out. I had dragged my taste buds in the doldrums too. This was getting serious. They no longer wanted to compromise with the devil that says, "I'll give you two good dishes, for two bad dishes". A change of scenery was needed. And there was no coming back without being truly and entirely, satiated.
On this trip to Mumbai, all fingers and toes were crossed in hope. As I walked in through the big glass doors and gazed up at the almost eternal ceilings, with natural light seeping in from every corner, it was a good omen. Long space with tables on one side and an elegant bar on the other, warm wood furnishings, plush retro couches and bold black and white zig-zag flooring made the restaurant look almost surreal.

Tell me that doesn't make you DROOL!
Owners Jay Yousuf and Guari Devidayal, along with their executive chef Alex Sanchez, have managed to do something quite commendable simply by making the fine dining experience, less intimidating and certainly more refreshing. Chef Sanchez's mantra of staying true to the core ingredients, taking no shortcuts is certainly working for me and I promise it will for you too.

Budget: Moderately Expensive - (About Rs. 3000 for two people)

Alcohol: Yes

Outdoors: No


022 22825000
Kalash Peshi Building, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Apollo Bandar  Mumbai

* Originally Published in the Sunday Guardian - *

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