Recipe: Greek Inspired Aglio Olio

Greek Inspired Aglio Olio

Every one week (seems to be the observed pattern), I get an overwhelming craving for pasta. My craving usually involves some variation of aglio olio with some form of a pig oinking in it. Its one of my favourite comfort foods, with so many possibilities! My latest adaptation was a real winner and I thought I'd share this quick recipe. Also remember its not that you can't omit or change ingredients, thats the fun of it, but then really its just an entirely different dish! I'm going to try and give measurements but the fun of cooking for me is slaughtered when I need to start thinking so precisely. So warning... they may be a bit vague... Ok you know what I started the list and well there will be no measurements!  All depends on how much cooked pasta you are starting with. Have fun! As a guiding tip I say be generous (minus the salt!).


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