Grocery Delivery Options - Gourmet, Imported, Local and Organic!

Le Petite Pantry
(Good for Sweet Treats)

Le Petite Pantry has just made life easier for you. This website allows you to order from several of your favourite gourmet/organic and/or artisanal suppliers - so a one stop shop for all delectables. Mainly ready products like cakes, quiches, cookies, desserts from Kunafa and others - but does include some tempting teas, coffee beans and veggies from I Say Organic (more info below). 

Things that caught my eye:

(Good for Bakers)

Inducia is one of the top importers food and beverages. Seem to be importing a lot of stuff mainly from France. Now their delicious goodies aren't solely reserved for hotels and restaurants but anyone who feels like logging on to their site and placing a delivery order.  Though a lot of the minimum quantities are quite a lot.

If you are a dessert/baking buff than this site will be especially appealing for you because their baking and fruit section is definitely the most exciting.

Things that caught my eye :

Site: - And the plus is you can order as a "guest" rather than having to register if its a one off order. 

The Altitude Store
(Good for the Organic)

So the Altitude Store has been around for a bit and is probably my favourite option because they have just about everything. Granted they "run out" of stuff quite often, but if you let them know a few days to a week in advance they can probably get it for you. The owner Ayesha Grewal is quite hands on and is constantly adding to their menu. 

I am going to list out some of the more interesting and exotic things available but the menu is really quite extensive and worth a thorough check out!

I usually approach the altitude store for all my exotic meat fixes:

Min. Order - Rs. 1000

Online order and delivery -

Store: 110, Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Road. 


16, Shanti Niketan Market
Call - Phone +91 11 4905 0404 and +91 11 4905 0405, Cell +91 9811755222, +91 9899113022
Store timings : Open all days between 10 am till 7.30 pm

Ploof Deli - Delivers EVERYTHING!
(Good for the Gourmand)

Something very exciting has happened recently that is going to make life so much easier. Even though I do wonder if I need more food to reach my mouth at an even faster rate! So, Ploof Deli has now started delivering. And by this I dont just mean everything off their menu - be it a sandwich, a Bangkok Roast Duck Curry, or some wild mushroom risotto. But also anything from their deli section, which is where this got exciting. 

You can order: 
Fresh Breads - Get buns, loaves and rolls - its all there.
Marinated Meats & Specials - One of my favourite sections so far - Includes a range of seafood and meats - marinated in all sorts of different and exciting options. Giving you an easy, almost ready to eat meal. And dont forget to scroll down to the specials - with fresh pestos & jams, whole roast ducks and chickens, and other yummy party delights like peppers stuffed with goat cheese! 

Organic stuff - which at the moment start and end with Ahana products but hopefully they will be adding to that. 
Raw Meats and Seafood - Everything from New Zealand Lamb Chops to Tenderloin Steaks. Himalyan Trout to Salmon Steaks. Lobsters to scallops.
Cold Cuts and Smoked Meats - Italian Bacon, Black Forest Ham and Chorizo to start?

Desserts - Strangely this is located in the Deli section and not the restaurant section, in case you are searching for dessert with you mains your banoffee pie, stroopwaffles and brownies are here. 
Cheese and Olives - They only keep a range of imported cheeses. What I love is their really easy microwave fondue! Last time I tried it, we chopped up some hearty rustic bread with raisons and walnuts in cubes and served it as dunkers with the cheese. Fun!

So feel free to browse, click and eat!

The link is :
The store: 13, Main Market, Lodhi Colony Market. 011 2463 4666

The best part is you can order on the day and receive your groceries that very day. Delivery is from 12pm to 10pm. Free delivery within 5km otherwise a minimal charge of Rs. 50. Delivery order must be a minimum of Rs. 400. 

*DISCLAIMER- None of the above pictures are mine and have been taken from the site itself. *

I Say Organic
(Good for the Conscious Grass Eaters)

I Say Organic is well quite obviously an organic store. What they sell are seasonal vegetables and fruits. Whats great about I Say Organic is that you dont have to pay a premium just to eat produce exactly how god intended it to be eaten the first place! Competitive prices - they claim are at par with your local vegetable guy. Eating organic means eating chemical free, untampered, fresh produce. Due to this don't expect to see seasonal fruits and veggies all year through. And to make things even better all organic vegetables are procured locally. The more exotic ones like asparagus, broccoli are from Himachali farmers, the rest come from farmers in Sirsa, Haryana. 

Apart from your local veggies you can also expect to see:

They have two delivery shifts 9am - 2pm and 4pm - 9pm. Delivery will be made the next day itself. However, if you manage to place your order by 11am-12pm you are likely to receive it that day itself. No time is guaranteed due to other deliveries and traffic but it will be sometime between the slot times. You will get a confirmation call before your order is shipped. You may also use this call to specify you want small brinjals, or no cauliflower in your assorted basket for example. 

Order Min. Rs.250

(011) 4108 7447 

(Good for ones w/ Food Allergies & Restrictions)

Finally, those with dietary restrictions are being focused on. Foodbury has been started to cater to the otherwise neglected - those who have to watch what they eat due to allergies (gluten, nuts, dairy) or health conditions that restrict their diet such as diabetics, heart patients, etc. Foodbury isn't only for those who "have to" but those who "want to" as well, with a supply of healthy, organic products perfect for the mindful eater. Co-Founder Pooja Kothari's son was diagnosed with a Gluten allergy, which enables her to lend a consumers perspective to the business. So no coincidence that their maximum number of products are under "gluten-free".

They keep a selection of both imported and local brands. One of the drawbacks however is there is no further info or product description, which would have been useful especially when one needs to know exactly what they are consuming. 

Whats great is you can search according to your dietary needs i.e. gluten allergy, lactose intolerant, soy free, egg free, organic, etc. The other search option allows you to also search according to meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack.

What caught my eye:
  • Sugarless Bliss - Sweet treats from cookies to gulab jamuns 
  • Bob's Red Mill - Gluten Free Pizza flour
  • Buontempo - Gluten Free Pasta Shells
  • Dr. Schar - Cake, Bread mixes and cookies and crackers
  • Itsy Bitsy - Cereals
  • Whole Foods - Slimmers Hari Roti
  • 24 Letter Mantra - Strawberry Jam
  • Down To Earth - Aloe Vera Juice

Free delivery for goods above Rs 1,500 and to customers who have subscribed for their monthly plan. For all other shipments, a flat rate of Rs 50 per kilogram is charged. Delivery is made for within 3-5 working days - can take longer but you will be informed. For urgent deliveries call or email 
Cash on Delivery . If not cash you will have to call and get their account details and deposit the amount directly - a bit tedious .
Phone: +91-99-10-054-054

GoGourmet HD
(Good for the Porcine Lovers)

They don't have a website unfortunately as its a little clandestine at the moment. But you can give them a call and visit their facebook page for some info. 

They also import cheeses, seafood all at fairly competitive prices. But what really stands out is their selection of imported porky stuff. Right up my alley.

  • Ham
    • Serano
    • Parma
    • Iberian - but only the whole leg - about 8-9 kgs
    • San Daniele - A little sweeter than Parma - To enjoy the delicate taste of San Daniele its best eaten on its own, with crackers, or/and a complimenting cheese. Best not cooked or used to compliment bigger dishes - where as Parma can be eaten alone or on pizzas, salads, etc. 
    • Prosciutto Cotto
  • Other Cured Meats
    • Bacon - Delicious
    • Speck
    • Chorizo - The cured ready to eat one not the fresh sausage
    • Salami - Few varities that include - Milano, Napoli and Peppercorn
  • Sausages
    • Bratwurst
    • Nuremberg - One of my favourites!
  • More Oink
    • Porchetta - Cant wait to get my hands on this - Italian Roast pork - ABout 4-5 kgs. They do a plain and a seasoned one both. 
    • Pork Chops
    • Pork Loin
Also try the Cod and Salmon. 


011 32959530

+91 9350840401, 8800390630

Sea To Home
(Good for the Pescatarean)

I'm actually super excited about this find that one of my readers sent my way.

If the order is placed before 3pm then it is processed that night and air shipped the very next day. Where as if you place the order post 3pm it will be processed the next day and shipped the day after - so 48 hours.

Of course since it is all local fish you can get most of it here at cheaper rates. The reason they are a bit more expensive is because of the air cargo and then the delivery from the airport to your house.

The reason you should look in to them however is because they deal with only chemical free fish that is untouched by anything but ice. So their fish is free of Formalin, Ammonia and Chlorine. They deal with good quality of fish. And finally of course the door to door delivery certainly does help! Oh and the best part you can pay online or cash on delivery.

What I have my eye on:
  • Green Mussels
  • Butter Fish
  • Black Pomfret
  • Thread Finned Bream 
  • Scampi
  • Clams - Even though they look a little too tiny for my liking - but perhaps they have other sizes.
  • Anchovies
  • Sardines
  • Tilapia - great easy to cook with fish and quite versatile. And fairly mild flavoured for those who dont like strong fish. 
Best to click on "Available now" since it changes according to season.


The minimum order is only Rs. 1000. Mind you their office is based in Cochin.

+91 95-39-155155 , +91 95-39-994248

Le Marche and Modern Bazaar
(Good for Just-About-Everything)

For those of you that don't already know - Le Marche and Modern Bazaar are both supermarket chains located in various areas of Delhi.

Like any super market they keep everything from fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen meats and ready to heat/cook items, cheeses and other dairy produce, all sorts of sauces and condiments, a deli section with cold cuts, breads and other baked goods including pastries, cereals, noodles, sodas, syrups and juices, toiletries, etc. They keep both Indian and imported brands. 

I usually raid them for things my local grocer doesnt keep such as:

  • Oils and Sauces - Sesame oil, Sweet Indonesian Soy Sauce. Soft Tofu, Arborio Rice, Sausages, frozen Cambay prawns, my favourite cereal Honey Bunches Of Oats - Strawberry, Emborg Feta Cheese with Olives ( Great to add to pastas and salads - the olive oil is packed with flavour), Prasuma Bacon both strips and back is a more reasonable alternative that tastes quite nice especially to add to things.
They both deliver but where and minimum orders all depend on proximity. So you will have to call and check. 


Le Marche by Sugar and Spice - DLF Place
011 40534555 

161-A, DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi

Le Marche - DLF Promenade
011 46106777
DLF Promenade Mall - Vasant Kunj

Le Marche - Khan Market

011 24640741 

58A, Khan Maket

And a few locations in Gurgaon.. 

Modern Bazaar - Saket
Select City Walk, Ground Floor 6566, Saket

Modern Bazaar - Vasant Vihar
41669777, 41669776, 9891129999
18-B, Community Centre, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar

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