Summer Jams!

Gourmet Jars

Something wonderful caught my eye today by the name of Gourmet Jars. Scrumptious jams, spiced nuts and granola are on offer, but it is the jams that drew me in. Exotic combination of flavours that sound perfect on a piece of toast. But my head first went to summer bbqs and poolsides - These to me sounds like the perfect base to scrumptious BBQ marinades!
Be it the Mango Jalapenos Rum jam for some sticky sweet chicken wings or the Kiwi Orange Whiskey Marmelade for juicy lamb chops!

Will keep you all posted after the taste test!
Meantime check them out on their website:
Anyone of you happen to try it do let me know how it fares.

So I was finally lucky to get to try Gourmet Jars. That's right I did say lucky! These jams are dee-liscious! I was hoping they'd be good and they most certainly were. The three I got to try were:

I highly recommend Gourmet Jars preservatives free, fun and dangerously tasty jams. Get your own jar... ! 

3 ways to ORDER: 

1) Use the "SHOP" tab on the top right corner of the page -
2) Call 9560077622
3) Email at

Note: Minimum order of Rs 500. 2-3 days for delivery. Orders open for Delhi and Noida only.

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