Easter Treats

Easter Brunch

I love festivities. Especially when it involves good food. Lucky for us easter's here with another excuse to have a feast and this is what's on offer: 

Easter Goodies:

Brunches & Lunches

4th April, 11am-4pm.
Some of the highlights for this brunch include: Easter Pavlova, Smoked salmon, Balinese suckling pig, Roast lamb with all the trimmings and of course Easter eggs!. The fun doesn't start with some Easter games, and Olive hasn't forgotten that - In good spirit there shall be egg hunting and egg rolling!
Price: Rs. 1200 plus taxes

Fun kiddie activities like Egg Painting, and Egg Hunting to keep them busy while you kick back to a live band and some Grey Goose cocktails. And eggs galore - Eggs Benedict, Marzipan Eggs, Chocolate eggs, Nougat eggs!!

Price: Rs. 2195 plus taxes