Diva Piccola - 4.0

Diva Piccola

Sorry for the erratic posts, besides traveling this month has been a sinfully lazy one ! Whoops.. 
When everyone is jumping the HKV band wagon I suppose why not Diva. Thankfully, its humble and simple decor doesnt take away from the rustic charm of the market. And I'll tell you something else, this little one is no diva. And by diva I mean you wont find showy dishes flambeed or foie gras, but what you will get is classic comfort Italian food. And you can still find solace in the familiar, as Ritu Dalmia's signature is stamped all over . Dishes that aren't cluttered with ingredients, but clean, simple and wholesome combinations. The menu centers mainly around pastas and pizzas, so save your diet for another day. The service is refreshingly attentive and I think their very amiable manager Mousim plays a big part in that. He helped us confused souls maneuver through the menu wonderfully. At the end of our meals when we sat moaning like tortured pigs he very intuitively sent over two cups of hot water to ease the pain . I like not having to ask for good service..

Budget: Mid-Ranged

Alcohol : Not yet


011 40536001

1st Floor, 30 Hauz Khas Village. Near Amour

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