Rajinder Da Dhaba - 3.5

What's The Hype About?

Finally tried the famous.. or is it the not so famous now.. Rajinder Da Dhaba. The tandoori stuff was actually quite good. But what really impressed me was the customer service. Yes I did just put customer service and Rajinder Dhaba together. We placed the order for some 10 people on the phone. Firstly, he was extremely patient, while we very irritatingly went back and forth between dishes and quantities. Once the food arrived we realized he had advised way too much food and one of the dishes had spilt entirely. I called him back and he promptly said "kuch nahi ho tha madam aap ko jo nahi chahiye waapass kardey" (it doesn't matter madam, return whatever extra you don't want). As I write this I am still shocked at the suggestion. But shocked in a great way. He realized it was he who advised us on the quantity and immediately stepped forward to make amends. Very pleased and very impressed. 

Now to see how pleased I was with the food:

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