Photo By Karan Panda
The great thing about Hauz Khas Village is the vibe. With groovy fixtures, psychedelic murals, quirky bric-a-brac and scenic terraces, there is certainly no denying the abundance of ambience. And that is precisely what Boheme is full of; that wonderful feeling. 
Sure after the tunnel vision of five flights of stairs anything would look nice but we’re not just compensating here. Boheme takes the prize for the best view in all of Hauz Khas Village. Overlooking a beautiful lake which from time to time spurts out an accidental but glorious fountain.
Photo By Karan Panda
You have truly reached the summit, but now what? Well grab a seat of course, there’s one for everyone. Bar chairs for the soul searchers with an infinite view of the lake. The romantics can grab the “couple tables” tucked away at the back, large round tables for the masses. And for those dainty souls, most poxed by the weather, have an entire indoor section for themselves. So once you’ve wandered around, soaked in all the clever nooks and trinkets, and found some cush for your tush, you are invited a peak at the menu.
Photo By Karan Panda
The menu centers around Italian with a few other Mediterranean dishes more humbly representing. 

Despite the few disappointments the space has a lot of promise and I am definitely going to visit Boheme again. Its still debatable whether the view left me breathless or the hike up there but either way its irreplaceable. I love the creative ease that welcomes you to linger. My advice to them is to take some of these dishes back to the chopping board and only bring them out until they are worthy of a price tag. And to deliver what they promise or don’t promise it at all. Hopefully, Bohème wont just become another beautiful face that can’t be trusted. 



BUDGET: Our meal with alcohol - Rs. 3000


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Rooftop (above gunpowder)
22 Hauz Khas Village

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