Best Beef Burger - Qube - Leela - 4.5

Best Burger in Town!

What is it?
So the title of the "Best Burger" in Delhi has been taken away from the Imperial and given to the Leela. 
I should specify, that I am talking about a hearty beef burger, not some namby pamby chicken burger (even though they do have that too). And no certainly not paneer that doesn't even count! This burger is made of some prime U.S Angus Beef, you can pick your cheese and add bacon, mushrooms, etc if you like. This burger comes at a whopping Rs.1100 without tax, so I was really hoping it would be worth every penny. Well judging from my score and the "Best Burger" title you already know it was. This picture has somehow managed to make a ginormous burger look small. Honestly, it was massive so thats half your moneys worth already. I got mine as classic as possible so nothing would confuse my taste buds from deciphering this burger. Cheddar cheese and lettuce, tomato, onions - the classic trilogy. Ok fine so I did get bacon too, which is my weakness. This first round came with slightly burnt bacon. This was not ok for many reasons, one because it was the Leela, two because it cost Rs.1100, three because it was fighting for the place of the "Best Burger in town!", and four because crispy bacon is one thing but burnt bacon is just gross. So they replaced my bacon thankfully.  Also it comes with either regular fries or masala fries, and me being the pain in the bum that I am wanted wedges, which they very sweetly complied to. 

The Verdict:

Lets start from the top with the bun. Slightly toasted and lightly buttered which did feel a bit heavy at times but it also made it taste pretty damn tasty. It was fresh, with the right amount of softness, yet held its own, under the weight of that patty through out. 
The Patty itself was just divine. About 8 ounces- makes your just want to Roarrrr! I got mine done Medium, which was perfect. Very juicy, ever so flavourful. The meat had just the right balance of lean and fat. Yummyyyy!
The two relishes on the side from the left were: Red Grape Mustard which I absolutely loved - sweet fruity with a good mustard kick . And the other was an Onion and Tomato Relish - Did not care too much for this one. Neither did it go with the other one so since I had to pick it was hands down the mustard. 
I could babble about this burger for a little while longer but what's the point. My words can make you salvate but you know nothing till you bite in to this big piece of juicy, meaty goodness!

Few other tid bits we tried:

Also very curious about the Maryland Crab Cakes  - Should be good and I do love crab cakes! Next time... Even though it does get very hard to eat much else with the burger in the picture...

Alcohol: Yes

Budget: Expensive


24hrs - Everyday


Leela Palace
Diplomatic Enclave,
Chanakya Puri

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