Amour - 1.5

Gutted by Love

Oh mi amour I tried to love you, you beckoned me with you cascading white fabrics, your sweeping terrace enticed me further, I looked through your eyes and saw a beautiful view; as I sat snug and secure in your cane fittings, just for a moment I was transported to somewhere beautiful . . .

My friends and I ordered a feast thinking the best of you. I knew I should have been suspicious when you neglected me. We waited and waited to be served. 15 minutes later when we hoped the food should start arriving four pieces of focaccia arrived. The excess olive oil choked the bread and I was worried. . . Were you about to let me down...?
This was just the beginning of some very weak service. I don't blame the waiters. One man was running around unable to keep up. Considering the al fresco was barely half full and the inside empty, there is no excuse for slow service. At some point I asked the manager if they could please clear a couple of plates, he nods politely and leaves, 5 minutes later a waiter comes and picks it up. I was shocked, even a manager at the Taj would not have qualms about picking up a plate. That is what the hospitality industry is about. Since he wasn't much help at the table nor any good at managing his staff I am wondering what he really does there. . .

What frustrates me is one, the waste of a beautiful space and I refer to the outside because the inside makes no sense to me. And two is restaurants trying to be something they are not. Go simpler, take out the ballotines and sauces you cannot deliver! Do not mislead your customer. Eventually, someone is going to know the difference between what is said on paper and what is finally on their plate. And lastly what really gets to me like a rusty nail on a chalk board, is this hype about a foreign chef. Is every Indian chef worth something amazing when put in an Indian restaurant? Then why must I hear "Oh you know babe they have an Italian chef". One of the best Italian meals I have had in the country was under Chef Ravi Saxena's watch at San Gimignano. Its about the chef and his expertise not his passport. 

Alcohol: Yes

Budget: Approx. meal for two - no drinks - Rs. 2500

12:30 p.m to 12 a.m

+91-9654126687, 9212126687
30 Hauz Khas Village

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