Sushiya - You Have Finally Won Me Over - 3.75

Sushiya You Tease
Chef Mathew at Work w/ His Team
Its one of those pursuits I started not for love but for convenience. Admittedly, I am a dog who makes cheap compromises for sushi. At the time the only sushi delivery and today... still the only decent one. We've been going back and forth since it opened. This flip flopping affair of convenience left me occasionally happy but more often let down. 
A couple of years later Sushiya returned to me in a flashier form. No longer a humble little stall but a full fledged restaurant. I ignored it for a while not wanting to settle this time around. Until my nuisance sushi-craving was back in full force.  I shamelessly dialed Sushiya, who as always was happy to oblige. I was suspiciously impressed with the sushi, but didn't let myself get carried away because tomorrow could be a different story. 
But what I hadn't anticipated was that once the very satisfactory delivery reached my belly word passed around the neural-system and planted a little seed in my brain called curiosity. Oh oh.

Long story short I was at Sushiya's fairly new restaurant at DLF Place a few days ago. And this is how our status changed from "its complicated" to "in a relationship" :

A little disappointed to not be able to try the yakitori fish, pork belly, gyozas and a couple of other dishes. Hoping they get on board with all this soon.  Overall, however I was very impressed with the new and improved Sushiya. Until Sushiya, sushi at these prices was unheard of in the city, especially for the quality and generosity you receive. It has managed to serve consistently good sushi the last three times I have tried it, twice with delivery and once at the restaurant. Head Chef Mathew and his team are clearly making a difference and was quite attentive to my suggestions after our meal. I guess the final confirmation will show in the food. Now just please stay this way so our affair need not end...

*I was always a bit concerned about raw fish being transported in Delhi's jams and extreme summers - So I had to be sure - I was told the box is filled with frozen gel packs that last up to 6 hrs and ensure a temperature of 3-7 degrees. Pheuf! Nothing stopping us now. *

- Sumo Wednesdays - Unlimited Sushi & Appetizers for Rs.499
- CRAZY WEEKEND - FOR Rs.799 - Menu Below

Alcohol: No - But coming soon!

Delivery: Yes

Budget: Moderate




CALL +91-9312444086

Take Away Stalls:

- 1st Floor, Near Barista, Select City Walk, Saket, Delhi
Food Court, 2nd Floor, DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Sit- Down Restaurant:
- 1st Floor, M-105 DLF PLACE, Near Monk and Hard Rock, Saket, Delhi

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