Futomaki - 3.0

Sushi is all HKV was missing...

How can you not be curious when you hear the possibility of sushi tucked away in these crumbling lanes. Lanes that were once so ethnic you were more likely to be lead to Asim Bhai the tailor than a little Japanese girl named Momo selling sushi... ! That's Hauz Khas Village for you, the moment I think, ok I'm done raving about this place something else opens, takes me by surprise and fills me with delight. Futomaki at the moment is only take out and delivery (within HKV), they have space for one little table and I think it would be good if they utilized it.

Cute little Momo behind her take-away counter

Momo makes only Futomaki style rolls, well ya hence the name. Futomaki are fairly thick hearty rolls with the nori on the outside. They usually have an assortment of complimenting ingredients, a full meal in every bite with some veggies, egg, meat. More often than not there is egg involved. Futomakis aren't my favourite I find the flavours too busy, the rolls a little too big but what I do love is how vibrant and colourful they tend to look.

Despite my paneer dig earlier, I think Futomaki may be a great option for vegetarians. They have some exciting and colourful looking ghaas-poos (veggie) rolls. But to be quite honest unless you are in the area and really craving sushi I think its quite passable.

Budget: Rs 340 to Rs.280 a box

Alcholo: No

Timing: 12pm to 8pm - Closed Mondays


011 26561214
+91 9953413810

Shop 13A Hauz Khas Village 

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