Zaitoon - Middle Eastern Fast Food - 3.5

Zaitoon - A Nobel Effort

I've been craving a delicious lamb shawarma but not the kind you get here... Of course complicated as always. So then what does one settle for? Chicken instead of lamb or beef for starters. Arabian Nights? No thank you. A'la Turka at Select City is probably closest to being authentic, they actually manage to achieve that crisp exterior that the meat gets from vertical roasting. And then there is Zaitoon. I would have entirely skipped writing about it if it wasn't for that little extra. 
We visited the one in DLF Place's food court. 

I loved the pickles here. Crunchy, vinegary, herby, yummy! The hot sauce we asked for on the side. We were warned that it was so hot you can see steam rising from it at times. Clearly the cashier was a sucker for dramatics. 

Budget: Cheap

Alcohol: No

Delivery: Yes


011 41056565
2nd Floor, Eat Food Lounge (Food Court), DLF Palace Mall, Saket 

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