Golconda Bowl - 4.0

Did Someone Say Patthar Ka Ghosht?

So this is not quite a 4.0 but not quite a 3.5 either. 
I would have put up a picture of the restaurant but I didn't want to instantly turn you off because the food is worth a try. The picture above however sums up the ambiance well. Dark with weird red lighting! Probably one of the worst looking places I have been to recently, especially in funky HKV where everyone seems to be playing with interesting ideas of aesthetics.  Looks like one of those shady bars in some obscure market of Delhi where old men go to drink, talk loudly and burp a lot.
BUT the food was surprisingly good. And despite having to shush my mind that nagged me to leave I'm glad I stayed. I really hope they do something about the lighting. Maybe just flick the lights on and let the fuse die out on the red bulbs... ?
On another note the service was great. They waiters were able to answer my gazillion questions and the manager came to check on us a few times. Strapped with smiles et all.

The reason I stayed: (Apologies for the blurred pictures - It was DARK)

Budget: Mid Range - Mains from Rs.300 to Rs.475

Alcohol: Starts in Oct 2011


 011 64607774

22, Hauz Khas Village,
New Delhi

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