Emu Meat Soon To Be Available Pan-India...

One Emu Burger Medium Rare Please

Quick post to inform you of the delicacy soon to hit our restaurants. Tallbird Farms (love the name) will be the leading supplier for Emu meat across India. I had no idea until I started looking more in to this that currently we have about 1000 Emu farms across 14 states of India.

Emu meat is a red meat with a similar taste to lean beef. But finally it allows you a chance at a red meat diet without worrying about dropping dead at the ripe age of 40! Emu meat is not only high in protein but low in cholesterol and fat. It is 97-98% fat free, which makes it leaner than turkey! Since its red meat with very little fat the best way to eat it is rare to medium.

You can get more info on the Tallbird site: http://www.tallbirdemu.com/
They sell eggs, chicks, meat and emu oil which is known to have several health benefits. 
This on the website I found a bit amusing actually because they had eggs, then a picture of some cute little emu chicks followed but a piping hot dish of emu meat! Probably not the best way to win over a bunch of skeptics, but such is life I guess.

Tallbird's goal is to get restaurants across India to start serving Emu meat, and slowly trickle down to the "common man". I wish them luck on this venture but I am seriously doubting the paan walla outside my colony to be tucking in to some Emu stew!

I have actually never tried emu meat and am quite excited to soon be able to without having to travel across the world for it... somewhere in Khan Market perhaps?