Delhi Restaurant Week

Delhi Restaurant Week (Sept 19th - Sept 25th)

A little late in the day but I hope you all are exploiting the opportunity of a cheap fancy meal with Delhi's on-going restaurant week. 

Rs. 1000 - Price per head excluding service and taxes - 3 Course Fixed Meal
Rs. 2000 - to include wine pairing (imported wines only)

They have fixed timings for lunch and dinner. With one or two seating times available depending on the restaurant. Not all restaurants are available for lunch. Their page here shows the timings and booking availability for each restaurant in a very easy to understand format.

Reservations must be made through their website:
And only tables of 2,3,4 can be accommodated

Restaurants participating (in red recommended):
Though the restaurants selection could be better, there are a few worth checking out in my opinion. I definitely applaud the effort and am very excited to see where this goes in the coming years.